TRT is an elite team of officers nationwide. Their goal is to resolve any and all situations that is too chaotic for the average cop. This is a fictional text roleplay game.
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In this game, you will be an agent of the most elite team in the world. You will be an TRT Agent. Highly secretive (so secretive we don't wear anything that says TRT on it and we don't announce that we're TRT) and covert. We do what others can not or will not do. We are a team of 7. 1 being a team leader, 1 being a second in command, 1 being a sniper, 1 being an intelligence agent, 1 being a scout, 2 being field agents. The scout will use highly sophisticated equipment that enables the agent to see through walls, and hearing through walls. The intel agent being the one to find out as much info as possible about the suspect(s).
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